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Using Air Fryer to Cook Foods


This is a healthy benefit of cooking instead of deep frying your meals. This is the use of heated air instead of using the usual hot oil for cooking foods. The air fryer uses rapid air technology to fry foods with minimal or no oil at all. The air used has to be rapidly moving and heated, the kitchen appliance is fitted with a heating element and a fan. The heating element will heat the air that has been enclosed inside the machine, and then the fan blows the hot air around.


The food is then cooked by the rapid moving air that is distributed by the fan in all direction. The two types of air fryers that are available in the market come in two types, the one that uses a cooking basket and the type that uses a non-stick bowl and the paddle. Some of the popular hot air cookers that normally uses the cooking basket are the Phillips hot air fryer which comes in two models, the HD9220/26 and the HD9230/26 the digital version. Read Air Fryer Reviews here!


Their temperatures go to a maximum of up to 390 degrees Fahrenheit; the digital model has a timer with a maximum of 60 minutes, the manual one has a maximum of 30 minutes timer only.  The air fryer is easy to operate, you just have to put the ingredients in the basket which is on the drip drawer pan, and then push the basket into the machine, then set the timings and also the temperature and the process of cooking starts. To make sure that the food is well and evenly cooked, shake the food halfway through the cooking process. There is only one brand that is available for the paddle air fryer.


The Tefal Actifry. It uses a paddle to mix the food around in the process of cooking and because the food is being stirred you do not have to shake it halfway during the process of cooking. If you are cooking the frozen foods, you do not have to add additional oils to cook. An example is the fries that will turn out crispy and also moist without the need to add any oils before cooking. The homemade fries; the procedure is to soak them well with water for at least half an hour then add a tablespoon of cooking oil before you cook the fries. This will give you great results because the fries will be tasty and a bit moist.  This is a healthy way of cooking because it reduces the calories intake in your body and keeping you very healthy. Visit More here!